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    March 19th

    9am - 7pm



    Helping great life science startups make the investor connections they need to thrive

    Part of Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Days 








    BioLabs is organizing its first European Investor Day in Paris, mobilizing the network of its French and German sites, and more broadly its global network of spaces for Biotech and Healthtech startups located at the heart of the best biotech innovation communities.  


    We are joining forces with Hello Tomorrow, drawing on our international network of investor relationships, bringing closer breakthrough Life Science projects and the most active investors in the field. This event will be part of the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Days, which concludes with Hello Tomorrow Global Summit March 21st and 22nd.

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    Agenda of the 19th

    This free, by-selection-only day of pitches from the best European biotech startups and of networking with the most active European and international life science investors is co-organized by the 3 European BioLabs sites, Hôtel-Dieu, Spartners by Servier & BioLabs and, Heidelberg.  

    30 startups will be selected to pitch at the event.  

    10 am 

    Opening words


    12:35 pm

    *Pitches - session 3

    4:20 pm

    Networking Coffee 4


    10:15 am

    *Pitches - session 1

    1:15 pm

    Networking Lunch


    4:50 pm

    *Pitches - session 6

    10:55 am

    Networking Coffee 1

    2:30 pm

    *Pitches - session 4

    5:30 pm

    Networking Coffee 5


    11:25 am

    *Pitches - session 2

    3:10 pm

    Networking coffee 3

    6 pm

    Closing notes 

    & Cocktail 


    Networking Coffee 2

    3:40 pm

    *Pitches - session 5

    * Pitches :

    5 startups (5 Minutes) 

    10 Investors (1 Minute)


    Whether you are an early and innovative biotech startup from France, Germany, or looking to settle in one of those two markets and currently fundraising from seed to Series A, we’d love to hear from you! We will select the 30 best Life Science startups, by the end of February to pitch to the most active investors in the region. This event is free but by selection only, you will receive more information upon registering your interest. 

    Applications are now closed


    Interested in joining as an investor?

    We are looking for the most active life science investors from France, Germany, European based or investing in the region from seed to Series A. This event is free but by invitation only.

    You will receive more information upon filing this form.

    Applications are now closed

    Our Sponsors

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    The Venue of the Investor Day

    Palais Brongniart,

    16 place de la bourse,

    75002 Paris

    Metro (3) - Bourse 

     A landmark of Parisian heritage 


    The Palais Brongniart was built in the 19th century to house all stock market activities in a single location, a genuine innovation at the time aimed at optimizing the existing system.

    Inaugurated in 1826, the Palais Brongniart was the lung of financial activity at the time, supporting the expansion of the railways, the iron and steel industry, and the great industrial adventures of the day, until 1998, when the Palais Brongniart closed its doors. 


    Today, the Palais Brongniart is one of the leading convention and event centers in Paris, and the bearer of a philosophy of action based on economic, social and solidarity-based innovation.

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    Discover the Deep Tech Days Program
    & extend your stay in Paris

    The BioLabs European Investor Day is part of the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Days : 4 days of opportunities, connections, learning and inspiration in Paris from March 19th to 22nd. This series of events will drive more than 500 investors, 1,000 deep tech entrepreneurs and 2,000 Industrial deep tech key decision makers in sectors ranging from Life Science, Healthcare to Industrial Biotech and Energy.  
    Here are some opportunities to visit our french BioLabs sites, meet our European team and join the vibrant crowd that week (some are paid events*)



    March 20th, BioLabs France Tour

    Visit our two French facilities in downtown Paris with BioLabs Hôtel-Dieu and in the heart of the Life Science research cluster of Paris-Saclay with Spartners, by Servier and BioLabs - free (limited seats).  
    Register your interest to join a morning visit in our facility in Paris-Saclay and enjoy a lunch with resident startups as well as our partner Servier, and an afternoon visit in the offices located
    at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital.





    • 10 am - Meeting Point at Denfer-Rochereau RER B train station

    • 10 am - 10:30 am - Shuttle from Denfer-Rochereau to Paris-Saclay (30-40min)

    • 10:30 am - 10:45 am - Coffee at Spartners, by Servier & BioLabs

    • 11 am - Visit of the facilities

    • 12 pm - Lunch onsite & meet with residents

    • 2 pm - 2:45 pm - Shuttle back to Hôtel-Dieu  (40-50 min)

    • 2:45pm - Historical & Office tour of Hôtel-Dieu

    • 3 : 45 pm Coffee with residents

    March 20th, Hello Tomorrow Investor Day*

    A full day of 1-to-1 meetings with the best pre-qualified life sciences & deep tech startups (medical biotech, digital health, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, industrial biotech and more) who are currently raising fund. 

    300 international startups  and 150 investors. 

    March 21st &22nd, Hello Tomorrow Global Summit*

    Hello Tomorrow’s flagship annual conference gathering 3,000 actors from the whole deep tech ecosystem (entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, accelerators, research centers, public institutions, etc.) with keynotes and panels discussing the latest trends, interactive sessions to share best practices and pitches from the 70 very best deep tech startups that were selected out of 4,000 applications. With a broad deep tech focus and over 35% of participants, exhibitors and sessions being healthcare or biotech focused, the Global Summit aims at unlocking opportunities at the intersection of industries and technologies.

    March 21st, (evening) Financing The Future*

    The annual VIP gathering of LPs & GPs. 'Financing the Future' is an exclusive in-person event co-organized by the Boston Consulting Group and Hello Tomorrow to discuss opportunities, challenges, and best practices in deep tech investment, and ultimately work together to finance future deep tech unicorns. 


    Get in Touch

    BioLabs Hôtel-Dieu

    1 Parvis Notre-Dame,

    Place Jean-Paul II, 

    75004 Paris


    Spartners, by Servier & BioLabs

    22 route 128,

    91190 Gif-sur-Yvette


    BioLabs Heidelberg

    Nikola-Tesla-Strasse 1, 

    69124 Heidelberg


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